DOSSU Digital Marketing – An Internet Marketing and Web Design Company Designed with Small Businesses in Mind

(pronounced /DAH – soo/)

In an ever-changing digital environment, it’s tough to maintain a successful digital marketing strategy that continues to target the right audience. It’s not enough to simply build a website with a web design company and let that site do all the talking for your business. While a great website is the foundation for the rest of your internet marketing, you need ongoing support to remain visible and relevant in the digital space. That’s where DOSSU Digital Marketing can help. We are a full service digital marketing and web development agency in Baltimore ready to help your small business stand out in a competitive, ever-changing marketplace. 

Helping Business Owners Achieve Their Goals

What We Do

We utilize proven internet marketing solutions to help our clients. It begins with website design and branches out through local search optimization, review management, and pay-per-click advertising. Within our established playbook of web solutions, we customize our approach to your needs and budget. We understand that not every small business has the same advertising needs and resources, which is why we’ll take the time to strategize the right approach for your business. 

Who We Serve

DOSSU began as a web design firm serving government agencies and nonprofit organizations working towards social change. While we love this type of work, we also believe that small businesses are the lifeblood of any community, and we want to help them tell their stories as well. Thanks to our unique background, we have the know-how to reach audiences in truly meaningful ways, so we can help spread your message effectively. Our goal is to help your local business thrive, even if you’re operating on limited resources. Explore our content strategy services here.

How We Do It

When you work with DOSSU Digital Marketing, you’re gaining a partner for your business, not just a service to drive up digital marketing metrics (don’t worry, we’ll still do that too). But we’ll also bring a creative perspective to your business and help you identify the specific areas where you can grow your brand messaging and reach your desired audience. Our compassionate, creative team will be at your disposal when you work with us. 

Meet Our Team

Get started with DOSSU Digital Marketing by calling (410) 523-7270 for a quick strategy session or fill out our contact form to have our team reach out to you.