From the Horse’s Mouth: Employee Generated Content can Advance Your Cause

By February 2, 2016Blog

We write a good deal here about formal content — white papers, reports, brochures, presentations, etc. — but less formal content has the power to reach potential members, funders, and advocates whose attention you may not capture otherwise. One great way to foster the development of this more casual material is by using an approach called employee-generated content. Rather than simply relying on your subject matter experts to produce all of your content, incorporating employee-generated content can cut through some of the jargon and present material and stories to your audiences on a more relatable level. There is a wide range of guidance available for starting an employee-generated content program, but a good summary can be found in this article by James Ellis, vice president of inbound marketing at TMP Worldwide.

Employee-generated content is just one of the strategies in our toolbox that could help you build or strengthen your sustainable content ecosystem, please get in touch today to learn more about the possibility of working together.

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