“Let’s Keep This Above the Fold”

By April 26, 2016Blog

There has been debate over the years about the “fold” on a website homepage and whether or not users will scroll. These matters have been addressed through research as overall user experience has matured and the answers are clear: The “fold” doesn’t matter like it once did because users will scroll. In fact, research shows that users begin scrolling before a site even finishes loading and that items just below the fold and at the bottom of the page often get more attention than some elements above the fold. In addition, with the proliferation of so many different screen sizes, it is impossible to predict where exactly the fold will fall for many users. Add to that the fact that fewer users are accessing your website through the home page than ever before and you end up wasting time and effort by focusing so much energy on what appears at the top of the homepage. That is why, with sustainability in mind, we always recommend to our clients that it is better to expend energy on creating an overall delightful user experience rather than agonizing over exactly what will appear in the initial view of the homepage. Read more about screen size and the “fold” in this excellent article: Scrolling and the “Above the Fold” Myth.

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