Building a Sustainable Content Ecosystem


Product Description

The Sustainable Content Ecosystem™ provides a step-by-step plan to help nonprofits, associations, and foundations recast their thinking about websites and web content in an effort to assist organizations better invest their resources. The goal? To build a solid foundation for any organization to evaluate their own mindset and in-house skills and establish a framework to inform the search for contractors that will help them prioritize their content and its production.

This 36-page manual is bursting with information and worksheets that will help you plan and build your projects with a content-first mindset and with an eye toward creating a Sustainable Content Ecosystem™. With this framework in place, your web project will bring value to your organization over the long haul and you will be able to more efficiently publish your digital content, establish or reinforce your subject-matter expertise, and harness the power of the Internet to help achieve your mission.


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